Jon distilled

Molding Jon Straub into the product he is today has been a labor of love. Established in 1995, he started out as a unique blend of good tunes, Abbot & Costello, medieval fantasy books, and a kid who could kind-of sort-of draw. Jon was then put through the "High School-ification Process" where it was discovered that he had an aptitude for design. Wanting to capitalize on that fact, Jon was then enrolled in the Pennsylvania College of Technology Graphic Design program where he is currently being cultivated into a bolder, smoother designer.

During this time Jon has developed some unique qualities, such as: a love of type, the desire to create visual puns by utilizing his new skills, and the compulsion to purchase many reference and design books. We are currently searching for further steps that we can take to make Jon Straub the best designer he can be. If you are interested in helping in this process you can find Jon's complete recipe here.